Jardin Majorelle
rue Yves Saint Laurent
40090 Marrakech
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Jardin Majorelle

Jardin Majorelle is a Botanique Garden jin Marrakech.
The garden which is about 1 ha large site is a world famous landmark.
The garden includes the Yves Saint Laurant Museum,
the Berber Museum (located in Majorelle's blue ateleir) and the Islamic Art Museum.
The Garden included palnts from all 5 continents.

Jacques Majorelle Jacques Majorlle (1866 - 1962)

Jacques Majorelle was the son of Louis Majorelle,
famous Art Nouveau Architect from Nancy.
1901 he studied at the Ecole de Nancy, center of Art Nouveau in France.
1917 Suffering from Lung problems he moved to the warm climate of Morocco.

1923 Majorelle bought some land on the border of Marrakech.
1929 the architects Paul Sinoir and R Posson buld his atelier, a blue Cubist Villa.
Majorelle worked on his garden for 40 years.
1947 he opened it to the public to finance the upkeeping with visitors admission fee.

1962 Majorelle died after having sold the garden in the late 1950s
1966 Yves Saint Laurent discovered the garden.
1980 the garden was acquired by the designer Yves Saint Laurent
2008 Yves Saint Laurent died, a memorial was created for him in the garden.
With over 500.000 visitors per year
the garden has become a famous tourist destination in Morocco.

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Dans la Jardin

Dans la Jardin Maison Roses

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